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Prenatal and
Postnatal Yoga

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Discover Yoga sessions adapted to these periods of great change, physical and psychological, that are pregnancy and the arrival of a baby in your life!

Prenatal Yoga

Through breathing exercises and adapted postures, you can continue to benefit from (or discover) the benefits of Yoga during your pregnancy.


The one-hour sessions are specially designed to help you calmly experience all the changes you will face during these 9 months: prepare your body to welcome baby, and for childbirth, while giving yourself a moment of relaxation, well-being and connection with your body and your future child.


Postnatal Yoga


The arrival of a baby has caused major changes for your body and is a shake-up in your life.

The one-hour sessions will help you relax and "re-appropriate" your body after pregnancy thanks to muscle re-mobilization exercises, postural work, breathing exercises, etc...

Treat yourself to a moment of well-being in the midst of your busy new life!

And baby can participate!

Private sessions only

First class at 2000 XPF*, then 5000 XPF

 45,000 XPF for 10 sessions.

Note: the practice of prenatal and postnatal yoga requires the approval of your doctor or midwife to ensure that you have no contraindications

*special offers for Mo'orea residents only

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