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Mat & More
Journées devant l’ordinateur ou à piétiner, repet de Heiva, sortie en Va’a ou trail interm

Yoga for each and everyone

The practice of Yoga sometimes suffers from its "insta" image: young white, thin, sporty, flexible & photogenic women performing very advanced postures in heavenly places...

Mat&More has decided to keep only the last aspect!

Cindy makes a point of making classes accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender and fitness so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this great practice.

Mo'orea, the most beautiful studio

Classes take place outdoors whenever the weather permits it in order to enjoy the magnificent "studios" that Mo'orea offers us!

Yoga, at the service of our island

Because Yoga is a physical discipline and a philosophy of life, it is also practiced outside the "mats".

This sadhana, Cindy wishes to use it for the benefit of the island of Mo'orea and its inhabitants who welcomed her with open arms. This is why she regularly organizes free sessions, as well as events for local associations and citizen initiatives.

Why "Mat&More" ?

The "mat" parts is easy to understand for English speakers !

“& more” refers to all the accessories encountered in yoga classes (block, straps, etc.) and in Yoga'sculpt (balls, elastics, etc.), but also to Cindy’s mania to wear several caps! Yoga teacher, dancer, volunteers in several associations, marine biologist (and now mom!)


This “mat & more” is also there to remind us that yoga is not only practiced on the mat but each and every day, at any time of the day! The capacity of observation, attention and consciousness that we develop on our mat helps us to

take a step back in everything we go through in life

to be able to manage all this more consciously, more

precisely and more serenely.

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