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Every session starts with a moment of focusing and relaxation, before getting into the movement and the practice of classical asanas (postures) from Hatha Yoga repertory.


Because of her experience as a dancer, Cindy have a physical approach and in the movement of Yoga : she likes to bring her student to mastering sequences of movements. This way, even beginners will be able to taste the joy of effort in quick sequences of Vinyasa !


The session ends with a restoration of calm : stretching, passive postures and relaxation to continue the day in the best way !

Session after session, you'll become aware of your breathing, your emotions, and learn to listen to your body !


Do not hesitate to announce your constraints and objectives when you book your first session, so that the session sticks to your needs !

Yoga ou Yoga'sculpt ?



In Western culture, "yoga" refers to the practice of asanas, physical postures asking for strenght, balance and flexibility. But the practice can go way beyond !

Yoga is actually a Thousand years old discipline including philosophy, meditation, breathing techniques, diet, etc.. Yoga might become a lifestyle !

Mat&More - Mo'orea's classes focuses on the physical practice of asanas while accompanying you Howard the Discovery of your breathing, mindfullness and self-acceptance (physical, mental and spiritual).

If your looking for a complete practice with physical effort, stretching and mind relaxation, yoga is for you !

Yoga sculpt

Yoga'sculpt in an hybridismes discipline born from Cindy's expérience in Yoga et Pilates.

1 hour sessions mixe really spécial breathing techniques (intercostal and  hypopressive) to repetitous exercices aiming to get postural muscles and especially lap belt, stronger. Yoga postures are integrated to the class to improve mobility and get the best relexation state at the end of the class.

If you're looking for a physical challenge, or you want to improve your posture and strenght, while improving your mobility, Yoga'sculpt is what your where searching for !

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